True Parents Words from 1965

1965 Motto, January 1, 1965:

"Let Us Become a Victorious Subject"

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Men Are Destined To Go The Road Of Restoration - Returning Home (1965)

Prayer: Allow Us To Discover The Condition In Which Our Hearts Now Lie (1965)

Untitled Leaders Address (1965)

Please Let Us Comfort The Heart Of Jesus Who Died Leaving Behind Grief (January 3, 1965)

A True Man -- A Man Of Truth (2/12/65)

Process Of Restoration (2/13/65)

Prayer: We Never Fully Realized How Difficult Your Path Has Been (February 19, 1965)

I Must Be The Victor For God, Standing On The Borderline Of Good And Evil (Circa 3/1/65)

Parent's Day 1965 (4/2/65)

Remarks by Sun Myung Moon at Arlington Virginia (4/21/65)

Eisenhower Meets Our Leader (Gordon Ross - June 25, 1965)

Prayer: Establish The Standard That Meets With Your Satisfaction (October 3, 1965)

I Don't Drink (October 8, 1965 - Excerpt)

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