True Parents Words from 1968

1968 Motto, January 1, 1968:

"Let Us Make an All-Out Advance"

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First God’s Day Speech: “Let Us Make a Full Advance”: (January 1, 1968)

First God’s Day Speech – Notes (January 1, 1968)

The Day Of God Is Proclaimed (January 1, 2968)

The Master's Message To The Unification Family All Over The World (circa 1968)

There is Only a Path of Prayer (Circa 1968)

Even if you face lonely periods in your life (Circa 1968)

The Standard of Heart for Each Member of Unification Church (Circa 1968 - Excerpt)

Yearning and Longing for God (Circa 1968 - Excerpt)

Raise a Flag of the Heart that You Pledge to Love God (Circa 1968 - Excerpt)

The Principle of Indemnity will Determine the Future of the Universe (Circa 1968 - Excerpt)

A Person Who Serves God, Standing in the Realm of God's Heart (Circa 1968 - Excerpt)

The Starting Point of God's Kingdom on Earth (Circa 1968 - Excerpt)

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