True Parents Words from 1971

1971 Motto, January 1, 1971:

"Securing the Unified Foundation"

 Table of Contents

The Saint that We Aspire to Become (February 12, 1971 - Excerpt)

A Pioneer Must Have Endurance (August 11, 1971)

Man, The Starting Point Of Hope - The Path for Our Family (8/28/71 Unofficial)

The Way Our Blessed Families Should Go (August 28, 1971)

The Ultimate Destination of Love -- Victory or Defeat and the Present Time (December 5, 1971 - Excerpt)

Let Us Be a Victorious Jacob (December 5, 1971 - Excerpt)

The Ideal World (12/11/71)

Questions And Answers (12/12/71)

Things Found Most Important In Leading A Life Of Faith (12/12/71)

Divine Providence And The Turning Point Of History (12/13/71)

The Formula For God's Providence (12/14/71)

How God Is Pursuing His Restoration Providence 12/22/71)

On Jesus' Family (12/25/71)

What The Unification Church Is Trying To Solve After Taking The Responsibility Of Jesus On Earth (12/26/71)

History Of The Unification Church, part 1 (12/27/71)

History Of The Unification Church, part 2 (12/28/71)

History Of The Unification Church, part 3(12/29/71)

The Importance Of Heavenly Heart (12/30/71)

Safeguard The Unified Front (12/31/71)


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