True Parents Words from 1972

1972 Motto, January 1, 1972:

"Safeguarding the Unified Front"

 Table of Contents

The Significance Of God's Day (1/1/72)

Tradition Centered On God (1/2/72)

Talk to Trainees (1/3/72)

Our Road To Go (1/9/72)

The Fight Has Begun (1/9/72)

The True Path Of Restoration (1/11/72)

The True Path Of Restoration [a less edited version] (1/11/72)

How Can We Become One With God? (1/15/72)

The Ideal World For God And Man (2/13/72)

The New Messiah, and the Formula of God in History (2/21/72)

The New Messiah And The Formula Of God In History (different version) (2/21/72)

One God, One World Religion (March 4, 1972, San Francisco, California)

The Way of Restoration (4/1/72)

God's Strategy and Satan's Strategy (April 23, 1972 - Excerpt)

True Parents and Ourselves (5/7/72)

What We Must Accomplish from Now (May 9, 1972 - Excerpt )

Why We Have to Go Through Hardships (9/11/72)

The Role Of Unified Science In The Moral Orientation Of The World (November 26, 1972)

Excerpts from Notes taken at the Training Session (12/72)

Unification (12/9/72)

The Point of Rise or Fall (12/9/72)

How Will The Unified World Be Established On Earth? (12/21/72)


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