True Parents Words from 1985

1985 Motto, January 1, 1985:

"Creation and Building of the Fatherland"

 Table of Contents

One Year Anniversary Of The Seung Hwa Ceremony Of Heung Jin Moon (1/1/85)

Creation Of The Fatherland And God's Day (1/1/85)

The Building And Creation Of The Fatherland (1/1/85)

Stony Path of Tears - Reverend Moon's Message to 300,000 Christian Pastors in America from Danbury Prison in February 1985

True Parents' Birthday (2/25/85)

Learn From My Way Of Life (February 25, 1985 pdf)

Parents' Day (4/7/85)

Holy Water Ceremony (8/20/85)

Victory Celebration (8/21/85)

CAUSA Seminar Speech (8/29/85)

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven (10/4/85)

The Way Of the Children (November 12, 1985)

Inter-Religious Cooperation: The Responsibility of Religious Leaders in Building a Culture of Peace (November 15, 1985)