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Rev. Hyung Jin Moon's Dream and Realization of the Value of True Parents

Why is our "True Love" greater than the love of other faith traditions?

After praying about what makes the Unification Church better than other religions, Hyung-Jin Moon, Reverend Moon's youngest son, had this dream and realization:

(It was like a split screen) True Father was above and below him was hell. Fallen people were being tortured down there. Big demons ripping them and torturing them. Father threw his spirit into hell and said, "Don't touch these children, they are my children. I take responsibility. You take my soul, and you torture my soul; but let these children go."

In Christianity they have what is called the Apostle's creed. among other things it teaches that Jesus was crucified and decended into hell and was resurrected on the third day. If you see Jesus only with your physical eyes you are only going to see a middle eastern Jewish man.This is all you are going to see; who was running around making trouble and was crucified. As a Christian you have to open your spiritual eyes and you have to accept Jesus that he died for you and he went to hell for you and that he was resurrected to show the power of God. When you open your spiritual eyes and see Jesus, then you can experience rebirth. That's called being reborn. Only when you open your spiritual eyes can you say Jesus died for me, then tears come and you have a rebirth experience. If you truely want to understand Jesus as a Christian, then you must open your spiritual eyes.

When I woke I realized that day, in the same way, we only taught about True Parents with our physical eyes. We only taught that they were in prison 6 times, and about the helicopter accident; that they are great patiots and peace activists. But we did not open our spiritual eyes. We did not see that everytime Father was in prison he went to prison for our sake. He went to prison to die for us; our family, our tribe, our nation society, world, cosmic sin. All the indemnity of history, he gave up his life to indemnify all that sin and failure. In each one of those prisons Father was not only physically tortured but his spirit went into hell to save the souls of our ancestors and of us.

We have no chance to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. No way on our own strength can we indemnify the history of sin. But True Parents as the Messiah and inheritors of God's essence, His True Love that they walked the path of the seven deaths and resurrections. They died for us not once like Jesus, but died again and again. Giving their body, sending their soul so that one day their children could enter into the Kingdom of God. And when I realized this I realized, Oh my God, the love that True Parents has taught us, when THEY say true love and when WE say true love - big difference. All we hear when we say true love is "live for the sake of others" or other centric love, but when they say true love they are talking about sacrificing their life, blood, spirit and soul for our sake, not just once but over and over, dying and dying over again willingly going the path of death; willingly going to hell so that one day we could enter into the eighth stage of God's direct dominion which we call Cheon Il Guk.

Only if we open our spiritual eyes can we understand the true love that True Parents teach us is the highest type of love the world has ever known. This love is even greater than the Agape love of Jesus because Jesus spoke of a love that will lay down its life for its friends; its a horizontal great love, but its not parental love. Jesus inherited the greatest type of love that a single man can inherit; but a True Parents' love (which Jesus was supposed to be) would not only lay down their life for a friend but would lay down their life and spirit and soul over and over again willingly die again and again so that their children could have eternal life.

When I realized that, I realized my God, what True Father has lived and that the victory of True Parents is the greatest level of love that the world will ever know. This is the greatest type of love, greater than the love of Christ, Buddha ... this is the greatest, the center, the Parental heart. When I had that experience my faith completely changed.

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Gives A Testimony
HDH February 23, 2010
Rev Hyung Jin Moon Feb23 HDH Video




Upon his ascension, True Parents offered Hyo Jin Nim this calligraphy:

The lord who will open a gate into the heavenly kingdom, as a son of loyalty and filial piety in the garden that opens the way to the deep, wide and high realms of heaven.

True Parents,
8th Year of Cheon Il Guk,
3rd month, 17th day.

Message from Dr.Lee sanghung after Oct.14th 2009
done by an American sister together with a Japanese sister:


True Father ; I give you( Dr.Lee) a direction , You have to give a whole report of what spirit world like.

Dr.Lee: I am Dr. S.H. Lee. There are so many things and a lot of movement going on in spirit world on Oct.14th 2009.
There were so many participants from the realm of Unification spirit world along with many people from same realm of Hyo Jin nim who were approved by him.
However, God did not smile at all that day.
God was looking for the children who are not there, and many foreign delegates who supposed to be there but not there.
I realized the painful heart of True Father by looking at God.

I would like to pointed out about Hyo Jin nim's issue.
Hyo Jin nim cried , when I (Dr. Lee) suggested him to get in touch with True Father.
Hyo Jin nim said "I'll do so when I make some result here"

Here is an example, Hyo Jin nim said to Hyung jin nim and Young jin nim, " I'll be back soon."
That means Hyo Jin nim is going to visit Hell along with Lucifer.
Hyung jin nim and Young jin nim said, " That's too dengerous , We'll go with you."

The content of the prayers of three sons is "Our True Father is already 90 years old, Yet spirit world is not in right order,
Please protect and confort True Father who spent whole life with tears and pain as offering."

One of other example,
Hyo Jin nim went to visited God right after he came to spirit world.
Hyo Jin nim said, "God, How long are you going to keep Hell in this stage, Our True Father turned 90th already, Our True Father has no sin. Please clean this mess!"
Hyo Jin nim screamed, cried and continued, "I 've seen how our True Father lived so selflessly, eveyday without sleep...just because of the mission of the Messiah! If you solve the situaition of the Hell , True Father can live. Please save Hell !"
Hyo Jin nim cried and cried for many days.

Finally, God open his mouth. " I have never seen a child who cried so much for asking Satan to be saved. You are son of filial piety"

God offered Lucifer to Hyo Jin nim saying, "You may visit Hell along with Lucifer"
And the tears of God began to run like a water fall, and bawling like crazy man, and He said, "It's my fault, It's all my fault!"

Hyo Jin nim became very active in Hell.
He let lucifer to testify in fornt of the people,saying that 'Satan doesn't know the realm of God, because Satan fell."
Hyo Jin nim screamed and saying, "Final goal is to attack the bottom of the Hell!"
People looked at Hyo Jin nim when he screams at them. "I came here to save True Father! He can't take rest till true peace come to realized in humanity.

I (Dr.Lee) can't take a look at them without tears, when three brothers unite with deep love and respect to each other.
The spirit world has changed so much so it's not a pioneer piriod any longer.
There are many new comers giving a lecture here now.

Message from Hyo Jin nim to Yona nim:
1. I (Hyo Jin nim) came to spirit world for True Father
2. I can not send a letter to my wife nor children without having result.
3. Go to SMM Univ. give lectures and look for good people.
4. Look for someone who can witness.
5. Pray if the sisuaition becomes difficult, i'll help you.
6. I am busy preparing spirit world before True Father's arrival.
7. No one can be a true leader without overcoming hardships.

Additional information not in the above translation:

The above message was checked and translated again completely and says it was recieved by the same lady who always received messages from Dr.Lee in the past years, another Mrs.Lee.

The message was recieved on Oct 27, 2009, and a Korean Rev. Hyo Yoo Kim gave the message at Cheong Pyung on Nov 3 or Nov 27 at gathering in a big temple at C.P.possibly for a report for T.P.'s .There was an international blessing ceremony in spirit world at the same time.

The message explains how over a period of time Hyo Jin changed in spirit world and helped to change the spirt world and his message to liberate even Satan and get rid of hell before True Father goes to s.w. and how much this moved God to allow even Lucifer to go to the bottom of hell with him as well as the other True brothers wanting to protect Hyo Jin Nim and go together with him to the dangerous places.

The main points are translated ok but jump around sometimes and some parts are missing from the original.


This is a revelation from God to the
Original Divine Principle Workshop
in Soo Taek Ri Training Center, Seoul, Korea in 2009:
(in Korean and Japanese)

For English only speakers, the gist is that God is expressing His lament at members being woefully ignorant, both intellectually and heartistically about spirit world.

글은 () 12() 하나님 攝理史(섭리사) 責任分擔(책임분담) 解放圈(해방권) 完成(완성) 宣布(선포) 敎育(교육) 參席(참석) 修鍊生(수련생)(5地區 東京 사또 교꼬 ) 修鍊期間中(수련기간중) 하나님으로부터 받은 미시지입니다.

この文は、第12次神様摂理史の責任分担解放圏完成宣布教育に参席した修錬生(5地区 東京 さとう きょうこさん)が修錬期間中、神様から送られたメッセージです。

하나님께서 보내신 메시지

내가 너를 불렀다. 너에게 나의 사랑을 주고 싶어서 불렀던다. 너의 좋은 () 나쁜 不足(부족) 눌물을 참아왔던 날들도 누구에게도 못한 苦悶(고민)들도 모두 알기에 너를 사랑하고 싶어서 불렀단다.

소리가 들리느냐? 사랑이 너에게 닿았는가? 오늘까지 쉬지 않고 달려온 너를 힘껏 껴안고 싶어서 부른 사랑을 느끼느냐?

실제로 혼자서 祈禱(기도) (내용) 들어주려고 내가 얼마나 마음을 썼는지 너는 모든다. 정말 왔어. 사랑을 받거라.

本來(본래) 잦추어진 사람들이 와야 했다. 말씀, 하나님에 대한 懇切(간절) 心情(심정). 그것이 없으면 죽고 만다고 하는 懇切 心情 가진 사람들이 와야 했다.

지금이라도 늦지 않았다. 하나님도 (영계) 모든 ()들에게 그것을 가르쳐야 하는 아버지의 心情 생각하며 눈물로 말씀을 들어라.

하나님도 (영계) 모르면서 앞으로 어떻게 올바르게 살아갈 있겠는가. 앞으로 다시는 이런 敎育(교육) 받지 못할 거라고 생각하면서 오르지 感謝(감사)하면서 말씀을 들어라. 있는 (영인)들도 여기에 와서 말씀을 들을 있는 자는 () 받은 靈들이며, 因緣(인연) 없는 靈들은 여기에 들어올 수도 없었다. 너희들이 하지 못한 責任(책임) 代身(대신)해서 아버님이 條件(조건) 세워 말씀을 듣게 해주신 것이다. 소중함을 생각하면서 눈물로 말씀을 들어라. 말씀 속에 充滿(충만) 사랑을, 너의 이름을 부른 소리를 너의 가슴에 새겨라.










本然(본연) 世界(세계) 얼마나 宏壯(굉장) 世界(세계)였는지. 해와가 아버지 말씀을 어떻게 들었는지. 눈을 반짝거리면서 정말 미를 가지고 들었던다. 너는 當時(당시) 해와가 아버지께 돌려준 以上(이상) () 이제 아버지에게 기쁨을 돌려다오.

에덴의 東山(동산)에서 나는 얼마나 刺戟(자극) 해와에게서 받았는지. 아담한테서도 받았지만 해와에게 받은 刺戟 特別(특별) 刺戟이었다. 마음이 떨리는 사랑의 心情(심정). 漸漸(점점) 자라가는 해와가 얼마나 사랑스러웠는지. 나도 때까지 實體(실체) 가지고 느끼지 했던 사랑을 해와를 ()해서 하루하루 느꼈단다.

本來(본래) 해와는 산뜻하고 아름답고 神聖(신성)하고 사랑스럽고 따뜻하고 싱싱하고 부드럽고 눈부시고 우아하고 무구하며 빛나고 있었다. 나는 어린 딸아이가 成熟(성숙) 아름다운 (여성) 되어가는 모습에 홀딱 반해서 (강렬) 刺戟(자극) 받으면서 지내고 있었단다. “하나님라고 부른 목소리의 아름다운 울림. 氣絶(기절) 만큼 氣分(기분) 좋은 해와의 香氣(향기). 얼마나 기쁜 하루하루였는지.





만약 해와가 아버지의 말씀을 注意(주의)깊이 듣고 아버지의 마음을 心情(심정)으로 받아 드려 마음에 새겼더라면 事件(사건) 일어나지 않았었다.

아름답게 成長(성장)해가는 해와, 아버지와 完全(완전) 닳은 아담. 나는 아담 속에 들어가 해와 하나 되는 날을 얼마나 기다렸는지. “絶對性(절대성)” 完成(완성) 아담과 해와의 結婚式(결혼식)=하나님의 結婚式(결혼식). 하나님의 사랑이 成熟(성숙)하는 瞬間(순간). 宇宙(우주) 빅뱅보다 千倍(천배) 하나님의 사랑의 爆發(폭발). 崇高(숭고)하고 힘세고 크고 불타는 뜨거운 하나님의 사랑. 몸도 마음도 녹을 같은 하나님의 사랑. 萬物(만물) 모두가 사랑에 共鳴(공명)하고 아름다운 音樂(음악) ()宇宙(우주) 감싸고 億年(억년) 걸렸던 天地創造(천지창조) 클라이맥스. 하나님은 아담과 더불어 最高(최고) 最大(최대) 感動(감동) 波濤(파도)속에 빠진다.

하나님의 사랑과 아담과 해와의 사랑, 3대의 사랑이 녹아 섞인絶對性(절대성)” 기쁨은 아름다움을 해가면서 無限大(무한대) 펴저나가 永遠(영원)토록 이어가게 돼있었다.

오늘날 父母(부모)님으로 () 기쁨의 날이 到來(도래)했다. 아담과 해와의 結婚式(결혼식). 하나님의 結婚式(결혼식). “絶對性(절대성)”成就(성취) . 萬王(만왕) 戴冠式(대관식). 에덴의 東山(동산). 三大祝福(삼대축복) 成就(성취). 기쁨으로 하나님에게서 墮落(타락) 記憶(기억)들이 사라져 간다. “絶對性(절대성)”나의 사랑을 마음과 몸에 깊이 개기거나.

나를 眞心(진심)으로 사랑한다.