Blessing Department Workshop Audio Series:

No.0 Introduction, Second Generation’s problems and solutions by Yuji Otomo.mp3

No.1 Completed Testament Pastoral Counselling.mp3

No.2 Anxiety and Anger.mp3

No.3 Self-evaluation and Self-respect.mp3

No.4 Course of the Fall and Motivation Seen from Anxiety and Anger.mp3

No.5 Cain and Abel_s Story Seen from Anxiety and Anger.mp3

No.6 God_s Anxiety and Anger and the Life of True Parents.mp3

No.7 God_s Anger and Lucifer_s Anger and the Value of True Parents.mp3

No.8 Original Nature and Fallen Nature.mp3

No.9 The Power of Give and Take Action.mp3

No.10 The Laws of the Mirror.mp3

No.11 The Solution to the Problems of the Mind and Tribal Messiahship.mp3

No.12 Reality of _Thank you_ and _I_m sorry_.mp3

Completed Testament Pastoral Counseling (pdf)