Father's Course and our Life of Faith - Won Pil Kim

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Solving Problems 

 Chapter 2 - Church Service

 Chapter 3 - Mistakes

 Chapter 4 - Inside the Belly Church

 Chapter 5 - Sunday Service

 Chapter 6 - Father in Pyongyang Jail

 Chapter 7 - Life in Pyongyang

 Chapter 8 - Father in Hung Nam Prison

 Chapter 9 - Father's Heart in Hung Nam Prison

 Chapter 10 - Father's Job in Hung Nam Prison

 Chapter 11 - Love Problem People

 Chapter 12 - Pray to the End

 Chapter 13 - Father's Mother's Love

 Chapter 14 - Never Break a Promise

 Chapter 15 - Father Returns to Pyongyang

 Chapter 16 - Changing Relations with Father

 Chapter 17 - The Source of Father's Words

 Chapter 18 - Father's Attitude

 Chapter 19 - Inheriting Heavenly Blood Lineage

 Chapter 20 - Questions and Answers

 Chapter 21 - Father's First Wife

These lectures were originally printed in "Father's Course and our Life of Faith, 21 Lectures by Won Pil Kim." The forward to the book says:

The lectures in this book were given by Father's first disciple, Won Pil Kim, as part of a 21-day leadership course held in London in 1979. Mr. Kim gave the lectures in Japanese. The English translation has been edited as sparingly as possible. May this book serve as a source of life and inspiration for the years to come to brothers and sisters throughout the world who are following in the footsteps of our True Parents.