Reverend Sun Myung Moon

God Is Our King

Prayers and the address by the
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
at the special ceremony for the Kingship of God

Chungpyung, Korea
January 13, 2001


On Easter Day in 1936 Jesus appeared to and commissioned Reverend Sun Myung Moon to work to save all humankind. Since that early morning encounter he has been totally committed to fulfilling the Will of God: First, to liberate God who has been leading the providence of restoration in the midst of suffering and pain, having lost His beloved children; second, to save all humankind who fell down to hell on earth and in heaven, due to the fall; and lastly, to create a God-centered ideal world of peace, by establishing the Kingdom of Heaven both on earth and in heaven.

As a basis for this work, Reverend Sun Myung Moon traveled the vast spirit world and communicated with Jesus and the many saints and sages. Through this, he came to discover secrets related to God's creation, the human fall and human salvation. In particular, he revealed the identity of Satan and the origin of sin in the first human ancestors.

Reverend Moon's greatest concern has always been the liberation of God, who through the fall lost His original glory and honor as King of kings and became instead a God of grievance, suffering and lamentation. What follows is the translation of the prayers and address Reverend Moon delivered during the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, held in Korea on January 13, 2001. This is a vivid record of the historic event that honored the throne of God. The spirit world and physical world both participated in the ceremony. We hope and pray that this collection will help the reader become a partner in comforting and bringing joy to God.

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International

Prayer I

Beloved Heavenly Father,

Today, on the 13th day of the new millennium, as I hold the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship for Heavenly Father and Mother, may all the creation in Heaven and on Earth and all the blessed ancestors in the Spirit World and their descendants on earth become one in mind and body. As we are in the age of the restoration of heart, we are going over the time of indemnifying historical grievances. We have entered an age in which we can now open the Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven by connecting a new Heaven and new Earth.

Because of the false parent, Satan, men and women have endured self-centered marriages. Thus, throughout human history, You have been toiling and undergoing a shameful experience of grievance in which your true love, true life and true lineage have been opposed and rejected. As a result, although You are Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind, our Father, Teacher, Master and King, You have endured a course of indemnity and a path of restoration to this day.

However, True Parents on the Earth have taken responsibility for all the wrongdoings of the false parents. We established conditions of victory on eight stages by traversing the history of indemnity, all the while looking forward to the day of hope. Through this, God can claim everything that was in the sphere of the false parent, Satan. Now, centered on the True Parents' work and through the blessing ceremony that changes the blood lineage, we have linked that foundation to all the nations of the world and to the cosmos. Due to the grace of the blessing bestowed out of love, we laid the foundations for the liberation of the struggling mind and body, the liberation of husband and wife, the liberation of siblings, and the liberation of a nation. And through this, we tore down all barriers between the spirit world and physical world.

Now, Father, You are standing on the victorious foundation after having paid all indemnity and are looking at the world of freedom and liberation. Now, a new Kingdom of Heaven can be united from the earth to the Spirit World through a true family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Through connecting the authority of the victorious True Parents and True Teacher, who linked Your Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven to the True Master who is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, which represents the entirety of true kingship, I again would like to offer everything to You through this ceremony, and I beg You to accept this with joy.

The Spirit World has established a relationship of siblings centered on Earth, between all the heavenly soldiers, angels and blessed families in the Spirit World, and all blessed families connected to the central families that are linked to True Parents on Earth. As we have restored the God-centered elder sonship, the elder son now has possession of the Earth. Centered on the special authority of True Parents, the fallen world has inherited a triumphant realm of liberation, reversing dominion on every level from the individual to the cosmos. Through this, the liberated True Parents, centered on the True Parent of Heaven and Earth, and the liberated True Children on Earth have become one in mind and body. Now to indemnify and liberate Your Will and desire, which has the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal subjective character of true love, we, as True Parents attending You, would like to offer You the ceremony of joy in which we can coronate You according to the original standard.

With a joyful heart please forget the history of human sin, and stand on the victorious foundation of liberation. Centered on the realm of victory, where we can be united as one by heart in the ideal of love, we offer You this ceremony. Through this You can exercise Your authority upon the nation and the entire universe. This is to liberate Your transcendence, immanence, full authority and almightiness, and restore You to Your original position. And thus wishing that You would rejoice in accepting this, I sincerely report all of this in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Prayer II

Beloved Father!

In order to restore what was lost in the fall of Adam and Eve, the True Parents traversed the hills of indemnity on the eight stages from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. Going beyond the national level that Jesus desired to establish, we even went over the level of the world. And now, centered on the United Nations, based on the foundation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), representing all humanity, through which God can reign, the course of education is completed. Centered on the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, we connected the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and established sovereignty, a people and a land that represent the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. By so doing, we prepared a foundation for the restoration of Your fatherland on Earth and in Heaven.

Based on this foundation, at Chungpyung in Korea, blessed families on Earth are inheriting their ancestors' merit and are receiving the grace of the registration blessing. This takes us over the boundary of the division of South Korea and North Korea, builds upon the level of Jesus' victory in the realm of Israel, and allows a world-level registration that takes us beyond the world and its history of offering material (the Old Testament Age) and sons and daughters (the New Testament Age). Now, centered on the blessed families, we have separated from the world of Satan and, as the heavenly lineage, we have entered a new age. In this new age we can become a model and set the standard of ownership centered on the standard of Your love expressed from the individual level on up through the eight stages.

Through this, the True Parents have restored through indemnity everything that the false parents destroyed on Earth. They have opened countless doors that had been closed on Earth and in the Spirit World. And by being equipped with the authority of liberation, all humankind has come to one point, connected to the True Parents in a relationship of heart. We are so grateful that we could offer everything to You on this 13th day of the new millennium in the name of the True Parents, centered on the condition of the Total Living Sacrificial Offering, in which the lost creation was restored through indemnity.

Heavenly Father, You can now settle in peace. You can exercise Your authority, not just in the position of the Master who has dominion over the creation. You also stand on the foundation of kingship, transcending the Spirit World and physical world, and the past three ages. You stand in a free and autonomous position through the foundation of accomplishing all You wanted to fulfill in Adam's family. This accords with the original ideal of creation, at the point where heaven and earth became one. In the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship, let the blessed families belong to the realm of Your love and authority. As we enter the age in which we can be liberated, Heavenly Father, please receive the glory of the ages and fill the entire cosmos with the glory of Your victory. I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely wish and pray for this in the name of True Parents.

At this hour, the True Parents have restored through indemnity the authority that comes with coronation through the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship. We offer it to You in the position of Your original standard of authority. Father, we are grateful that we could offer You this ceremony. We plead with You that through this day, the self-governing, liberated Heaven may be connected within the realm of Your love. Here, True Parents can act and exercise authority in every way in accord with the promised and proclaimed standards.

Again, I express my gratitude that You joyfully have accepted everything that has been prepared during this ceremony. Please guide all the blessed Spirit World and blessed families on Earth to unite. I offer everything directly to You, centered on the tradition. It is the tradition through which God's Will whose subjective character of true love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal is fulfilled. It is centered on three conditions: the True Parents' blood lineage that will continue for ten thousand generations, all relationships among people, and all things that are public. I proclaim that you are the King of Kings and that You can bring peace and prosperity for eternity, as the owner of the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship, with the heart of the True Parents transcending ten million years of history. I plead that You would let the proclamation be fulfilled as proclaimed.

With the earnest mind and heart of True Parents, I am reporting and proclaiming all of this. Amen!

Prayer III

We stand in front of the Beloved Heavenly True Parent. Humanity on Earth is united as one, and the True Parents on Earth and the blessed families both in Spirit World and on Earth are united with the True Parent as one body and one mind. This is centered on the year 2001, which is the beginning of the third millennium. This was expressed through this year's motto: May the Liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Children, By Uniting as One Mind and One Body, Fulfill the Will of True Love's Subjective Character, Which Is Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, and Eternal. It was also expressed in the speech given on True God's Day. Let all beings accept these words as the words that are spoken by God and the True Parents on Earth, united in one mind and body before all humanity. Since the physical world on Earth has received the time that became a root in which God can now be crowned as King, blessed families at the present time came to stand in the position of perfected Adam from the direct lineage of God. They can attend the kingship of heaven and earth. Therefore, from the standpoint of the people of all nations, as this report is being made we receive a new historical age in which we can close our prayer with the ending: We sincerely report in our personal name, a blessed central family.

When we look back, we understand the lamentable situation of the Old Testament Age, in which God and Satan had to share physical materials together. We understand the lament of the New Testament Age, in which the mind and body of Jesus Christ had to be divided, leaving still to be united the Spirit World in the position of mind and the physical world in the position of body. After World War II, the Spirit World and the physical world should have been united, restoring this fallen world as an original ideal world, through indemnity. Further, in the name of the True Parents, the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship should have been held then, liberating the Heavenly Parent thereafter. The disunity of the Protestant churches and Catholic Church, and of the oriental and the occidental worlds immediately after World War II has now been indemnified. On that condition, after I became 80, in the year when 2,000 years had passed, and in the first year of a new third millennium, the history of Jesus" grievance is now erased through the number 13. Thirteen consists of the number 12, Jesus' 12 disciples, plus the center number, 1. However, not just because it has passed over the level of Rome and even of the world, but because this ceremony of Coronation has been held also by determining the center number 13, it sets a condition to bring liberation to both Heaven and Earth.

We now have the last stretch to go until the year 2010 or 2012. During this period, we are making the Total Living Sacrificial Offering in order to return everything that we have received on Earth. We do this until You, Heavenly Father, can claim Your homeland, by bringing the planet Earth into unity and proclaiming the restoration of Your Fatherland. Until then, we are in the breathtaking stage of investing every ounce of our energy and heart to bring the unification of South Korea and North Korea. Through this we are to organize our final efforts, in which the unification of the United Nations and of the Spirit World and physical world connect on a lineal axis.

Because we have crowned God through the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship, please mobilize the entirety of the religious realms of Spirit World. As You have entered the age of self-disclosure in which we can receive the blessing of peace on Earth, exercising Your transcendence, immanence, full authority and almightiness, let the True Parents on Earth keep the self-disclosed authority over the Spirit World and physical world. As You look forward to the age of victory and liberation that aligns Heaven and Earth, let the newly blessed families this January throughout the world and in the Spirit World become one body and mind centered on You. We have now entered the age of a new creation. It holds the position of the elder son, based on the earthly foundation of Adam's realm. Now the settlement on Earth and the Spirit World in the position of the parent and kingship can restore elder sonship and younger sonship and thus enable the authority of the younger son to replace that of the elder son in relation to the standard necessary for connecting their generations.

God was cast to the farthest corner. The True Parents have now raised Him to the highest pinnacle through the Coronation Ceremony. Further, all of the words that You desired to speak were finally proclaimed, and all matters from the salvation of the Heavenly Kingdom to the unification of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos are known. Thus, please exercise Your full authority and substantiate Your realms on earth. And in the name of True Parents, please allow the blessed central families, who obtained the authority from the final victory, to enter the age of liberation on the cosmic level, the final stage that consummates everything.

Centered on the sovereign nation of the True Parent in Heaven and the True Parents on Earth, through this opportunity, the True Parents wish and pray that the children of the direct lineage, as the royal family attending God with everyone in the Spirit World in accordance with Your original ideal of creation, would bestow the same blessing upon the earthly blessed families, through the triumphant condition of Kingship that is now established, and thus bring eternal peace and prosperity to humankind. Accordingly, with Your own authority and privilege as the One sitting on the throne of Kingship with the power to give blessings to all humankind, we earnestly, earnestly wish and pray that You would realize all of this, and Your promise as well.

Starting from the first year of this new millennium and tomorrow, in whatever we embark upon, please allow all of the blessed families to wave a flag of victory. In the name of heavenly ambassadors and heavenly governor-generals, who can govern all nations, let them become liberators achieving victory upon victory. While humbly and earnestly requesting all of this, as being united as one between the Heavenly Parent in Heaven and the True Parents on earth, through this opportunity, we report, report, report and report, and proclaim, proclaim and proclaim. Amen! Amen! Amen!


Ladies and Gentlemen. I deeply appreciate your participation in todays' event. I would like to convey good news. This is the beginning of a new era, and I will address how are we to live in this new era.

Last January 13th, I offered the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. That was the most significant day in God's Providence. God is now able to start the dispensation with His almighty and omnipotent true love for the first time. In this sense humanity can now receive a totally new era with the God whose heart is liberated. From now on, we will witness the living God more easily and there will be miracles and spiritual phenomena surrounding us.

Humankind can now tear down the walls of hatred, racism and religious intolerance. We can now construct one world under God. This new era of peace begins as humankind attends God as King. I believe this new world can become a reality, as we share the same origin, God's blood lineage.

Today we celebrate the Coronation of God. Who did the coronation? [God!] Can True Parents do this by themselves? [No.] We can hold this ceremony because all the people on Earth and in Heaven were blessed and form a homogeneous nation.

Therefore, to do that, religions from Judaism, to the second Israel centering on Christianity, to Korea, went through the realm of the first, second and third Israel and the Old, New and Completed Testament eras. The Completed Testament is the era of the blessing of all. Because of the fall of the human ancestors, all things created by God could not stand in the realm of blessing. God taught people by establishing numerous religions, leading them through the salvation providence and raising them step-by-step to the era of the Completed Testament.

The people of the peripheral religions were not aware of this. Only Judaism and Christianity paved the road of serving God as our Father. And in the failed history of Adam and Eve, only one son whose blood lineage God could love was born on Earth: Jesus. The elder son was born. Although the son was born, no only begotten daughter appeared. God struggled greatly throughout the four-thousand-year history of salvation. It can be said that God created Adam again. After making Adam, God created Eve as Adam's counterpart. God created Eve by imitating Adam, applying the same principle and blueprint used when creating Adam.

The Bible says that God created Eve by taking the rib of Adam. It means that God adopted the core of Adam to create Eve. God found the only son through the direct lineage of love, but did not find the only daughter. After finding Eve, God would have restored fallen history through a family. God prepared Jacob and twelve tribes thought of as the chosen people and established the nation of Israel. Jacob's twelve children gained ground and expanded the area of victory. This was the nation of Israel and Judaism until Jesus' advent.

The nation of Israel was external and Cain-like, while Judaism was internal and Abel-like. The bride, who would become the mother, was to have been chosen on the foundation of the unity of Cain and Abel. After that, by serving Jesus, the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism should have united as Cain and Abel. Then, centering on the blessed family of Jesus, a clan and nation would have been established. No one can deny this.

Even though Rome dominated the world, it would have been no match. External things are like flesh, while internal things are like bones. Flesh cannot defeat bones. Centering on Israel, the unity of all nations and the liberation of God would have been achieved two thousand years ago. But, because Jesus couldn't find a restored Eve and form a family, Israel and all prepared things were destroyed.
Because the foundation of people was lost, Israel suffered greatly. In the seventh century, the religion of Islam emerged among the central people. Muslims and Israelites were brothers but became adversaries. Ishmael and Isaac were direct descendants of Abraham. But they became enemies and fought throughout history. They fought centering on Jerusalem, and Israel was lost.

God's Hope at the End of World War II

If Cain and Abel had achieved peace in Jesus' time, the history of war between left wing and right wing on the national level would have been solved on Earth and in Spirit World. But because the prepared nation of Israel failed to receive the Messiah, Christianity became the second Israel. Because Jesus lost his physical body, Christianity represented the spiritual realm as it expanded its influence worldwide. After World War II, Christian culture unified the world. By unifying the world, the era arrived in which the mind and body can become one. Satan was overcome at that moment. The allied nations and opposing nations could have been restored to God. On this foundation, if Catholics and Protestants had became one representing Christian culture and welcomed the Second Advent of the Messiah, the world would have been united by 1952, seven years after 1945. The Ceremony for the Kingship of God would have been held at that time.

But Judaism, Israel and Christianity did not recognize the returning Lord. To this day they have tried to persecute the Unification Church. As the first Israel and Judaism opposed Christianity, Christianity opposed the Unification Church. All religions lost their footing. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam now have the form of religion, but they have lost some spiritual vitality. Not only religions, but also societies, nations and the world have become hellish.

God's ideal realm of love was not on Earth. In America, there is no family in which husband and wife, mind and body are united with the original standard. There is no family in which parents and children do not fight. All are separated in a world of individualism.

Inheriting from God

Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam remained as forms of religion that educated people the world over about the mission of the messiah. Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? He is the True Parents. True Parents bring true love and true blood lineage. False parents have a fallen love and lineage. In the original world, people create true families centering on God. To achieve a family of true sons and daughters, they should be connected to the true blood lineage. To become children of True Parents, the blood lineage should be connected to True Parents. Without blood lineage, the parent and child relationship is impossible. Even God cannot separate blood lineage. Fallen Satan cannot separate it. We should be engrafted into the blood lineage of God, on the original standard.

When one goes over the national level, he goes into the direct dominion of God. Therefore, he cannot have a relationship with Satan. Because Jesus came at the level of completing his responsibility, he entered into the direct dominion of God. In the direct dominion, God's blood lineage is connected; therefore, there is no way for Satan to break in. The problem is that we have not advanced to that level. If the people had received Jesus to the point at which he as a bridegroom could have had his own marriage supper, Satan could not have killed him. If Adam and Eve had married and loved with God's true love, they would never have been able to fall. Satan could not have separated them.

During the growth period, the fruit is not ripe. Unripe fruit does not produce seeds. It has no eternal life. The place to dispose of those lifeless things is hell. It has no relationship with God. Therefore, what problems exist in the father-son relationship? The son inherits the parents' blood lineage. Inheritance of the blood lineage does not just happen by itself. Can it take place through a single individual? It cannot take place with just a single entity, whether it is parents alone in the parent-child relationship or man alone in the man-wom-n relationship. With the foundation of the harmonious unity of man and woman, the internal and external character of blood lineage becomes completely one with the fundamental cosmic principles. Then the substantial mind, representing the internal character, results in a substantial body representing the external character, and man is ultimately created and a life is brought into the world.

Likewise, the meeting of invisible content and visible form brings about an explosion. Heat turns water into steam. As the temperature rises, water turns to vapor, becoming invisible. Analogously, when the invisible God, who dwells in a super-heated invisible environment, meets with a visible form that is in the frozen environment, there is an explosion.

If love becomes the axis and if the couple is willing to love forever, they can have an eternal relationship. They can become a family centered on God. Its seed will grow in an eternal motion. The seed will become a sprout and the sprout will become a fruit, a God-like fruit. Branches and buds will grow. The tree will grow big and branches will grow in all directions. Adam's family was to have become that tree. Adam and Eve were supposed to have multiplied their descendants to fill the whole world. They would have made so many factories to create citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. They would all have lived with God in the Spirit World and True Parents on Earth. When they entered the Spirit World, they would have lived there forever as one body. They would have made the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

Jesus' Role

Christianity by working spiritually has been trying to unite Cain and Abel. It has tried to restore the spiritual foundation through the work of Christians, but Christianity could not restore the substantial, physical world. Nonetheless, God has to restore the physical world. Battles ensued. God went above the boundaries of nations and tried to make of humankind one people. This providence led to the allied nations helping to rebuild the axis nations after the Second World War.

In other words, the time has come to overcome the Cain-Abel conflict. Based on this condition, during the postwar era, if the primary nation, America, along with England and France, had realized and accepted God's will, God would have overcome the most difficult obstacles within three years. And within seven years the entirety of God's Will would have been realized. We would have realized our wish for a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, where both spirit and physical worlds unite harmoniously.

Since body and spirit could not become one in Jesus' era, we suffered a 2,000-year history of indemnity. On the victorious foundation based on such conditions, someone had to step forward to assume the position of spiritual parents and has to fit everything in its right place. Because of the severe persecution and misunderstanding he endured, Jesus could not do this 2,000 years ago. Since he could not marry, he could not officiate at the marriages of others. If the Son could not do it, then even the Father could not give the Blessing of marriage. What this does is illuminate the meaning of True Parents, who reverse and change the blood lineage through initiating the Blessing. The false parents who bred and spread their fallen seed in the beginning of human history caused the struggle between God and Satan. True Parents can stand in the middle to end this struggle.

After accomplishing this, then it would have become possible to create the divine sovereignty based upon the unity of Jesus, centered on the foundation of his family, with Judaism and all other religions. God's Will would have been accomplished. However, since this did not take place 2,000 years ago, God created a providential parallel at the time of World War II and in the post-war era. America and the world represent Judaism in Israel and the other religions, respectively. Since this once again failed to coalesce, it has taken so long, more than 56 years. Thus, to hold this Coronation Ceremony to honor God is like a dream realized for me.

The Responsibility of Our Families

Who was supposed to hold this ceremony for God? To answer that, let us ask who destroyed the hope for such a ceremony? Was it God? No; Satan, Adam and Eve, all three are responsible for the mess. Because Adam and Eve could not assume the True Parent's position, Satan entered the picture and the foundation of True Parents blood lineage was not established. Since the fall left the trails of Satan's blood lineage, neither God nor Satan could deny or reverse the consequences. It is as difficult for Satan as well as for God to destroy what he has created. No one likes to destroy or entirely modify what he or she created. This is true even for Satan.

God by Himself cannot reverse the consequences of the fall. If He had the ability to do so, He would never have lost Adam's family to Satan in the first place. By principle and even by simple reasoning, this is clear. The only person who could repair the damage was the perfected Adam. You have to understand the fact that the perfected Adam's family is the only family that can possess the love of the original nature that originated from God. All of you blessed families should assume that position of perfected Adam's family. Representing the rest of the world, therefore, you should pray in the name of a blessed central family.

Like the center of a circle, everything needs a central position as a reference point. The completion of restoration is no exception. Then what is the center of the blessed family? To answer that, let us ask, who gives the Blessing? The parents do. Who officiates at the marriage now? Who should officiate at the ceremony through which children can resemble their parents and inherit their parents' blood lineage, which is marked by their parents' harmonious unity? The officiators are the parents. Today's typical marriage is not as serious and profound as what God originally created for us.

On October 14 of last year, the holy saints in the Spirit World and those who are matched with my children who passed into the Spirit World attended. They participated in a ceremony for the unification of all religions. To summarize, the True Parents are the king and queen of the family. Has this term ever existed? Has there been anyone who could claim that he or she is the king or queen of the family, standing as a representative of Heaven and Earth, with absolute purity? In order to become the king of the family, you have to be the parents among parents and the first son among first sons. The first son should marry and start his family first. Everything has an order. There is a term in Korean translated as reverse marriage. [This refers to reversal in the order of marriage between elder and younger siblings.] The order is violated quite often today.

This phenomenon actually reflects the path of restoration [in which certain disordered couplings, such as that of Judah and Tamar, took place according to God's Will]. Thus people go this way and that way and even follow the reverse order. The disorder should no longer take place. If the right order is forgotten, everything will fall apart. The world has become this way. How are we going to repair or undo this? Incest, illicit love relationships and all such problems stem from this confusion. Couplings between grandfathers and granddaughters, grandfathers and daughters-in-law-it's all out there. Incestuous relationships occur because people revolve around without knowing their center. They don't know whether to turn one degree, 180 degrees, or 360 degrees. Consequently they grab and consume one another. In this era of confusion, of chaos and family-level disarray, everyone floats around randomly to hook up with one another without any sense of order. So, who can bring order to this world? God could not interfere with the fall or with marriages under Satan's reign. Likewise even in the last days, there is no way God can interfere.

If one is sick, one cannot survive without eliminating the root source of the disease. Since false parents created false love and false life, True Parents have to reject these and restore true love, life and lineage through indemnity.

The Cost of Discipleship

What does it mean when one says, those who seek to lose their life will find it? (Mt. 10:39) Until the full price is paid, those who go beyond trying just to preserve their life, and who are willing to give up their life with the spirit and energy to say, "Even if I die, I will still have the energy to live," will live. There is no resurrection for those who fear death and run away to save themselves.

That is why the Bible says that those who are willing to lose their life... [Will live!] And those who seek their life? [Will lose it!] Then, what about God? What if God takes the position where He is willing to lose His life? [He will live!] He will live. If God lives for His own life, then there will be no completion. What about me? It is the same for me. If I decide to seek my life, I will lose it, and if I am willing to lose my life... [You will live!] That is the case. Do you wonder whether I think about being Messiah or True Parents? If I did, I would have to lose my life every day. What do you think? If we lose our lives for Christ's sake, it will transform the world. So it makes sense to say we should make this commitment together, even in the environment of the fallen world. Are you willing to lose your life together with me?

Who is the Messiah and Savior? Should he relax and enjoy life, or should he go through suffering so that God can rest? Can a person who enjoys life and allows God to die as a result be the Messiah? Then if I suffer, should you play around and enjoy life? Should people who play around go to the Kingdom of Heaven or will people who play around be lost in Hell? [Hell.] I am not saying this out of ignorance of the world. Life and death are at a crossroads, and some people want to live a comfortable life. We should together say that we are ready to lose our life for God. If we do, then we all will find eternal life.

In the Western world, many shout, "I want freedom! Freedom! Freedom!" Although the Western education is good, it often only emphasizes the concept of individual freedom. What is missing is the concept of family, society, world, religion, and the providence of God. Oriental and Western systems are 180 degree opposites. Even the perspective of family is different. How can we awaken that new concept in the world and cosmos. We start with the smallest point-mind-body unity. With that absolute unity, the family, nation and world can come back to God. Individualism cannot do that, thus, it is the enemy of religion, conscience and God. It is connected to Satan.

Among Unification Church members, is there anyone who is ready to suffer more than me? Western members in particular should desire to receive more persecution than I have. Did you come here to go sightseeing? Or did you come here to listen to me and go through a suffering course? There cannot be individualism here. Graduating from Yale or Harvard, or being a laborer makes no difference. Who likes free sex more, white people or black people? If black people like it, they do because they learned it from white people. The scourges of drugs and AIDS will bring an end to free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. It is a tragedy that in some cities in Africa, 60% of the people have AIDS.

Without the UN, can the world become one? As you work in your specific region, I am dealing with the NGOs at the UN. The NGO representatives from around the world talk about this or that societal evil, issues within their realm of influence. When they hear that the UN should unite the world and solve the problems of communism and other problems, it is beyond their ability to achieve so they accept me as someone who can deal with it. They believe that I am on the right track. But they are still erroneously thinking that they can create a lineage of true love while indulging in immorality and suffering from family breakdown and AIDS.

Social Problems

What is today's topic? The coronation of God's kingship. No matter what, you have to be prepared to go the way of suffering. You have to learn what the course for you is after God's coronation. The problem is lineage. Say "pit jool!" What does it mean in English? It means blood lineage. That is the most important thing. Compared with blood lineage, kingship is not important. Being parents is not important. Society and government are not important. School is not important. The nations of this world have all those things but still belong to Satan and not to God.

One reason free democratic nations like America are hobbled is that unions misuse their power. I will tell you how you can resolve that problem. In the same way blue-collar workers form a union, stockowners and executives can also form a union. They can work together. Then each year will be much more productive than the last. There should be mutual benefits for both parties, the employees union and employers union. They can compete with each other and see how much profit they can generate within three years. If employees have worked hard, we can give a bonus to their union. If the employers have worked more, they deserve to receive more. In this way they will never fight.

In western society, there is no one who has given this any thought. And as another idea, I will call on the religious organizations and blessed families of the world. We will make a religious union. Will you join with me?

From now on, whether you like it or not, no matter how you look at it, whether you are oriental, white or black, you are having a lot of trouble and so you really should listen to what I have to offer. So, it is up to you to decide not to stand in the arena of trouble and confusion. Today you decided to stand with me and your determination should not change. You must act based on sincere affection.

True Love

Today all things of the new millennium are liberated, but God is not yet liberated, True Parents are not yet liberated and True Children are not yet liberated. Nonetheless, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and children are liberated, so you should have no fear. Even if you are locked up, you should not be afraid. I am so curious about Heaven, should I fear going to the Kingdom of Heaven as quickly as possible? The cosmos is in my hands. You should not deny that you have ultimate value as a child of God. You should not worry.

Today, by having God's kingship ceremony, the nation has changed. God has been pained with the history of resentment. We need to be the supportive force so that God can do whatever He wants to do. Sons and daughters should prepare for parents. Now God is to have full authority centering on this kingship. We should be able to say to God, "Come out, I will guide your way." You know how to guide, right? Whether God can visit you or not, you know how to guide Him, right?

From now on things will change. People who fear for the future should just let go of that fear. What did I say? People who know and worry should give it up. I will stay even if everyone else departs. You have to think of it that way. Do you know how to achieve individual perfection? Do you know the experience of your mind and body becoming one? After the fall, the body that inherited Satan's blood lineage became stronger than the conscience. This is the problem. You should not follow your bodily desires, as if you are obsessed with "my body, my body." Even if my body bursts into tears, you should just be grateful. Why tears? If you don't want to lose your life, pray to be willing to do so. If you do not want to shed blood, pray to be willing to shed blood. Say, "A whip is not enough; get a spear and pierce my side." Jesus went the same way.

Three Immutable Laws

From now, you have to recognize and abide by an immutable law, the law that one must not stain the blood lineage, even to the point of dying. The second law is not to infringe upon human rights. Whether female or male, black or white, everyone is equal. One must not discriminate or violate human rights. For this reason, the leaders of the Unification Church have convened here. Regional leader or national messiah status doesn't mean that you have the right to change someone's position according to your own desire.

There are plenty of people whose ancestors are superior to the ancestors of the regional leaders and national messiahs. Hence I refrain from moving people around. When I do, however, I select from the highest level. Do not infringe upon human rights. Wherever I go, I do not discriminate against blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians or those who did not complete college, or anyone. The person who practices true love, realizing human rights in the correct way, possessing love for the sake of others, is in the mainstream. The creation of Heaven and Earth began from that point. I cannot forgive the act of diluting and squandering this main current of thought. This is the second article of the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven; violation of this is the second of all sins.

The third law is to refrain from stealing money to fulfill selfish desires. Will you understand this only after being put into jail?

Seventy percent of the people in jail are there because of these crimes. If you are imprisoned you will see this is true. Human rights infringements and lineage violations are problems that concern men and women. Then come the money problems. Following these are the problems dealing with power. Money, knowledge and power have ruled the satanic world.

Traditions of Heaven

Article I of the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven is that you will not stain the blood lineage. The purpose is to preserve the lineage, keeping it completely clean. It means to maintain the purity of your marriage, the purity of lineage for eternity. From this point, the blessed blood lineage that has been inherited through God's love and God's life cannot be contaminated by the actions immersed in the habitual patterns of the fallen world. Can you abide by the rule? [Yes.] All couples who are certain you can follow the rule, all who are willing to keep your lineage from being stained, close your eyes now so that only God can see you and make a determination. Raise your hands firmly and pledge, I will not stain my blood lineage.

You must not forget this memorial day. Even if there is a quarrel between a husband and a wife, if you provoked it, you must resolve everything through the ceremony of January 13th. In the West, thirteen is the worst of all numbers. If the center consists of 12 months, the principle of Heaven and Earth must circulate through the year. However since this does not exist, everything is in chaos and this has become an irrational, confusing world. God's desire is to straighten it out; therefore, once you understand this, you must abide by this principle even if you have to die a thousand times. Think of this moment as a time of making an unbreakable, impermeable determination.

What's the first? Purity! Second? Abuse of human rights! Third? Misuse of money! On this memorial day, in order to maintain the sovereign power, the kingship of Heaven, and to stand before it as a people, parents, wife, children, and brothers and sisters, this is absolutely necessary. Therefore, you cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother merely because he is handicapped. You cannot neglect in-laws or relatives. The world neglects everyone, doesn't it? You who graduated from a university neglect those who only completed high school. That's a sin. This violates human rights. Following that offense is the misuse of money. The selfish abuse of national property! This is a sin having to do with money. I don't ever take such actions. When people make donations, I don't even handle the money.

Therefore, first keep purity. The question is how to maintain the lineage. So what is the second point? Human rights! To protect human rights. Third? [Misuse of money!] You already took a large amount from the public funds, didn't you? All the troublemakers seem to gather here seeking a comfortable place to sleep, without even following the rules and regulations. That's all misuse of assets. It completely destroys the public environment. This is equivalent to misuse of national property. It is horrible.

Those who lead such a lifestyle will not succeed regardless of how much they try to live a good life. Try living this way. No matter how much you pray to God, you will not be able to evangelize effectively. Even if you bring a guest, he or she will come as far as the front door and turn back and leave; they will not come in. The whole universe dislikes those who incur a debt. Within your clan, if one person from the Kim clan induces a problem for everyone else and causes the clan to fall into debt, who would like it? Later on the Kim clan will expect compensation or punishment. This time will come.

So do you understand the three points? [Yes]. Count the number of determinations you have made in your heart to follow the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you pledge to do that? The laws have to do with purity, equalization of all people, and proper use of national property. You should understand everything well and make it your habit. You will avoid the wrong actions only when you reach the stage in which as soon as your mouth opens these articles of the Kingdom of Heaven come out.

There is no doubt you will face these challenges in life. There will probably be many such circumstances, but if you make an effort to abstain from violating the law, the challenges will turn you into a victorious person; therefore I wont have to tell you anything. Amen! [Amen.]

The Core Foundation

Let us conclude. What do we do next? Where are you going to reside? You want to live well, right? Do you consider living alone to be a good life? [We have to live together.] Of what does a life lived together, a happy life, consist? I ask you, for a good life built based upon the official law of God, what kind of environment and with what group of people should you live? It is simple. There are three answers: the parent-child relationship, the conjugal relationship and the brother-sister relationship. This last one means brothers and sisters in the position of children to the parents; it refers to a relationship among children of the same parents.

This is why one's family has a mother and a father; then from that couple there are sons and daughters. Therefore, you have the brother-sister relationship because you stand before the same mother and father. In my eyes, third cousins, the in-laws and all the cousins and so on including all people are related, sharing the brother-sister relationship. Once the parent-child relationship and conjugal relationship are connected, brothers and sisters will automatically come to exist. The relationships within this wide range of humankind may be called brother-sister relationships. They are created to live a good life in harmony.

To live a virtuous life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example for the others. That defines a virtuous way of life. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a true life. This turns you into a debtor. If you serve as a good model, if your life can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and children, then you are living a virtuous life.

So, what will result from living such a life? The day will come when the king of Heaven and the king of the Earth will visit the family with the exemplary life and exalt them. Early in January of each year the kings like to visit. The time will come when the nation will recognize the family within its borders that is living the best life. The family receiving the recognition has to have three generations that form a perfected four-position foundation. The time will come when the president will present the award in that family's home.

There are three relationships, those of parent and child, husband and wife, and among the children. The brother-sister relationship is a consequence of the harmony of all these relationships. Therefore, whether in a brother-sister relationship or children's relationship, in order to become a person standing in the position of subject, you must influence others positively, such that not even one person can live without you. If it is true, say "Amen" and if its not true say "No-men." [Amen]. Raise your hands and say it again. [Amen]. A-men! A-men! Cheer to the enthronement of Heavenly Father! 1,000 years... 10,000 years, forever!

A Life of Goodness

No matter what you may come across, even if you are confronted with death, even if you are accused as a traitor and executed before the world, if you keep these things absolutely, then your family will belong to the heavenly royal family that possesses eternal freedom, unity and liberation. I want you to remember this clearly. Keep it as a motto. In the motto of the third millennium, I mentioned pure lineage, then the equality of human rights, and next the preservation of national public assets. That means do not be a thief. What is next? Be an example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, exemplary child and exemplary sibling. If your cousins, nephews and relatives are doing well, then your children will follow their example. If you form such a family, people in your village will say, "We should follow that person. I want to live with him." Then that person is surely a citizen of Kingdom of Heaven and Heaven will remember that family forever. [Amen!]

I explained to you on this historic day, the day of the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, the three most important things that humankind must uphold and by which you can be truly liberated in your family and in your nation. Thus, I hope you can remember these contents and keep them as the goals of your life. [Amen!] May you realize all the things to which you say, Amen. [Amen!]

May you study the Spirit World and God and may you live for the sake of others. If you do, you will receive the blessing and become a blessed family. Through living for others, you prepare for your eternal life. we should all try to gain this Heavenly fortune, which surpasses all earthly effort.

In front of the living God, with humility, let us be children of finial piety and loyalty. Let us become the sacred children of God. In light of God's sovereignty, in this Kingship age, let us stand together to establish a world of peace, love and harmony.

May God bless you and your families.

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