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Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 2)

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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents

Chapter 5 - The Formula Course For Perfection
   1. The Formula Course Of The Seven-Year Perfection Stage
   2. The Responsibility Of Children For Re-Creation
   3. Restoration Of The Family Through Three Spiritual Children
Chapter 6 - The Holy Wedding Of True Parents And The Blessed Family
   1. The Holy Wedding And Seven-Year Course Of The True Parents
   2. The Providential Meaning Of The Blessed Families
   3. The Value And The Mission Of The Blessed Families
   4. The Mission Of The International Blessed Families
Chapter 7 - The True Husband And Wife And The Ideal Family
   1. True Husband And Wife
   2. Ideal Family
   3. The Life of the Blessed Family
   4. True Parents And Children
   5. The Education Of Children

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