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Earthly Life and Spirit World (Part 1)

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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Existence Of Human Beings On Earth And In The Spirit World
   Section 1. The Course Of Life
   Section 2. The Position Of Human Beings
   Section 3. The Essence Of Human Life
   Section 4. The Preciousness Of The Physical Body
   Section 5. The Blessing And Eternal Life
Chapter 2 - Death And The Spirit World 
   Section 1. The Inevitable Path Of Human Life
   Section 2. Understanding Death
   Section 3. To Go To High Spirit World
Chapter 3 - The Spirit World
   Section 1. The Spirit World You Can Experience During Your Physical Life
   Section 2. What Kind Of Place Is The Spirit World?
   Section 3. The Content And Situation Of The Spirit World
   Section 4. The Position And Real Image Of The Spirit World

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