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Raising Children In God's Will

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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 God's Purpose of Creation and the Four Position Foundation
   Section 1. The Reason for Sons and Daughters
   Section 2. Formation of the True Family and Lineage
   Section 3. The Family as the Training Center to Learn and Develop Heart (ShimJung)
   Section 4. When a Family is in Perfect Harmony, All Things Can Be Accomplished
   Section 5. Lessons Learned from the Crane, the Salmon and the Trees
   Section 6. My Family as the Model Family
Chapter 2 Children's Love and Parents' Love
   Section 1. The Reason for Sons and Daughters
   Section 2. The Reason We Need Children
   Section 3. The Foundation of the Universe -The Father-Son Relationship
   Section 4. Love of Parents
   Section 5. The reason parents love their children
   Section 6. Children's birth and growth
Chapter 3 How to Raise Children
   Section 1. Attitudes of Parents toward Child-Rearing
   Section 2. Guiding the Children
   Section 3. The Reason You Have to Study
   Section 4. What the Parents Should Teach
   Section 5. You Must Educate Centering On Love
   Section 6. The Lesson That Rev. Moon Teaches
   Section 7. Parents' Responsibility
Chapter 4 Parents' Responsibility

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