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The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents

Chapter 4 - The Progress of Church and Witnessing
   Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church
   Section 2 - Witnessing
Chapter 5 - Ministering and Giving Guidance to the Members
   Section 1: Attitude of the Minister When Giving Guidance
   Section 2 - Subject and Object, Cain and Abel
   Section 3 - Essential Elements of Guidance Given to Members
   Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course
   Section 5: Events That Occurred During the Early Days of the Church
Chapter 6 - Spiritual Phenomena and the Main Dispensational Holidays
   Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena
   Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays

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