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Way Of Unification - (Part 1)

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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - The Essentials Of God's Providential History
   Section 1. Providential History
   Section 2. The History Of The Old Testament And The Messiah
   Section 3. The Current Of God's Providence
   Section 4. This World Facing The Last Days
   Section 5. The Way Humanity Must Go
Chapter 2 - The Providential View Of Korea
   Section 1. Cycle Of Human Civilization
   Section 2. Korea As The Third Israel
   Section 3. The Nation Of Korea
   Section 4. The People That Will Guide Mankind
   Section 5. God's Will For Korea's Future
Chapter 3 - Divided Korea And The World
   Section 1. The Second World War
   Section 2. God's Will For Asia
   Section 3. The Providence For Korean Christianity
Chapter 4 - Fundamental Theory Of Unification
   Section 1. Fundamental Theory Of Unification
   Section 2. The Pattern For Unification
   Section 3. The Way To Unite Mind And Body
   Section 4. The Ultimate Problem Of Unification Lies In Myself
   Section 5. Unity Through True Love
   Section 6. Other-Centered Philosophy And Unification
Chapter 5 - Communism And The Two Wings
   Section 1. The Emergence Of Communism And The World Today
   Section 2. The True Nature Of Communism
   Section 3. Democracy
   Section 4. Communism And Falsehood
   Section 5. Explanation Of Materialism
   Section 6. Headwing Ideology For Unification

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