Holy Song Book

Table of Contents

1. Blessing of Glory
2. Grace of the Holy Garden
3. New Song of Inspiration
4. Garden of Restoration
5. Spring Song of Eden
6. Song of Victors
7. Song of the Spring Breeze
8. Oh, My Little Lambs
9. The Lord Has Come
10. My Offering
11. Unite Into One
12. Song of the Young People
13. Call to Sacrifice
14. The Principle Youth March
15. Mach of the New Age
16. Song of the Heavenly Soldiers
17. Unified Soldiers
18. Light in the East
19. Song of Victory
20. My Promise
21a. Suffering
21b. New Life
22. Suffering Jesus
23. Suffering Heart
24. Heart of the Father
25. Pledge
26. The Father's Swelling Place
27. Song of the Garden
28. Shining Fatherland
29. He Has Called Me
30. O, My Child Come Home Again
31. My Cross
32. O Come, My Lord
33. By the Spring of Life
34. When I Behold the Lord
35. Shining Fatherland
36. Song of the Banquet
37. Our Forefather
38. Light of Grace
39. Tan Shim Ga
40. Urie So Wonun Tongil
I'll Never Leave You
The Lord is One

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