Hyung Jin Nim
Speaks to Members

Report on Hyung Jin Nim's World Peace Tour: Philippines

| August 10 2010

To our Beloved True Parents:

We are so grateful for the uplifting spirit, clear vision, and pure heart of your children’s visit to Asia. I am so sorry I was not able to attend Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim while they were visiting the Philippines, but reports I received indicate that this visit was indeed the completion stage of their Asian tour. Father, this was the third nation in Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim’s world tour.

It seems in many ways to have followed the course of religious restoration. It started in Nepal, a Hindu nation, and Hinduism is, of course, the oldest religion on earth. Next they went to Thailand, a Buddhist nation. The principle teaches that Heavenly Father used Buddha as part of the preparation for the coming of Jesus. Finally, the third nation, the Christian nation of the Philippines.

Hyung Jin Nim was so free here for many reasons: the English language, a Christian foundation, the receptive heart of the Filipino people and the experience he gained in his visits to Nepal and Thailand.

Father, again let me try to express my gratitude to you and True Mother for raising such a wonderful son and lovely, supportive daughter.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong,
Regional President, Asia

August 3:

Airport Reception

Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim arrived in Manila at about 1:20 PM on August 3rd. As soon as their plane touched the ground, a big shower of rain came as if a great blessing indeed is being poured onto the country. The use of the VIP lounge at the airport helped as the NL, Rev. June Basuil, reviewed the 3-day program with our special guests. Two bishops were there to greet HJN and YAN and share with them some of the history of the Philippines. They were: from the Orthodox Catholic Church Bp. James Benedict Saldivar and the Protestant Church Bp. Claro Borja, respectively. The entourage arrived at the Headquarters of the Philippine church at about 4:30 PM where leaders and members from all over the Philippines greeted them with praise and appreciation. Bouquets of flowers were presented to them as soon as they finished offering their kyungbae to True Parents.

Welcoming Dinner

Delight and inspiration filled each soul of the 90 friends and members of the Unification Church and its affiliate organizations as they held a welcome dinner for UC President and UPF International Chairman, Hyung Jin Moon, and his wife Yeon Ah Lee on August 3, 2010 at the National Headquarters of UC in Quezon City, Philippines.

The headquarters’ main hall was transformed into a fine banquet hall for the guests that included: religious leaders, as well as those from the government, military and the academia. Major General Alfredo S. Cayton Jr., a former commanding general for the military in Eastern Mindanao and his wife led the list of guests who graced this first visit by the UPF International Chairman. Just last July, General Cayton had graduated from a 7-day Divine Principle workshop which allowed him to understand the teachings and the Founder of the church. Presiding over the program was Rev. Joseph Navalta, the Secretary-General for the UPF. Bishop Elias T. Soria, the Secretary-General of the IRFWP, rendered a heartfelt Doxology with “Our Father, I Believe” and UC National President Rev. Rolando Basuil Jr. sincerely welcomed the esteemed guests and then also urged everyone to make the International Chairman and his entourage feel welcome in the country. Dr. Walsh used a powerpoint to introduce the activities of UPF. He touched on various initiatives, take into account: the Legacy of Peace, the International Day of Women, International Day of Families, Africa Day, UPF’s initiative to set up an interfaith Council at the UN, and the International Day of Peace. He then introduced HJN. HJN mentioned that this is his second visit to the Philippines but his first visit to the national headquarters. Then he began by saying that Father and Mother Moon are “not normal individuals.” He explained that when Father was 15 years old, he encountered Jesus in deep spiritual communication and quoted Father’s autobiography calling it “the most important day of his life.” HJN’s study of religion fits well with the UPF’s principal mission to establish an Abel UN. We can develop the most efficient systems and mechanisms to create a prosperous world but unless we have in ourselves the facility to redeem ourselves of fallen nature, we could not live to our fullest potential in God’s Kingdom.

HJN expressed his happiness in visiting local centers which he had been doing since he started his ministry. In a most pious act, he testified about the identity of his parents as

the Messiah, the True Parents of humankind and the liberators of God’s Heart. He was awed because amid poverty in Korea, his father developed the church to spread across the world and witness to millions of believers. It could only be the work of God.

True Father’s teachings have allowed us to fathom the infinite, hither to mysterious God. Father Moon is the person who was able to explain God’s nature. God’s nature is a love that is willing to die over and over and still willing to give it up again for the sake of his children. This is what true love means and is the content of up to 90% of True Father’s speeches. He urged us to look at True Parents not with our physical eyes, like how people saw Jesus before his death, but with our spiritual eyes.

Lastly, HJN taught the audience how to pray, knowing that Filipinos learned to recite The Lord’s Prayer since childhood. Since a person has the tendency to pray to God for his needs, as if God is a cosmic vending machine, he taught us to pray first by glorifying God. And when we thought we can pray for ourselves after God, we should next pray for our world, nation, society, tribe, children, and spouse first. This was what Jesus intended when in the Lord’s Prayer, he praised God’s holy name and hoped for God’s Kingdom to be made on earth.

After his speech the International President said a prayer following his guidance. The couple was then given flowers by Gen. Cayton’s couple.

The audience could not help but applaud HJN after his speech. “Wonderful!..It was very enlightening,” Ide Tillah, the chairman of the National Interfaith Consultative committee described the international chairman’s speech. “Inspiring. I am open-minded about the proclamation that Hyung Jin Moon made about his Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon,” said Mr. Edgardo Castro, who was a representative of the Philippines to the Global Peace Council of UPF International and adviser to former Speaker Jose de Venecia. Shrimp, fish and pasta was served with entertainment from Bishop John Ayudtud, Bishop Elias Soria and Mrs. Agnes Barredo-Fenoli whose voices lifted up the spirits and capped off the night.

August 4:

Early Morning Devotion and Hoon Dok Hae

Around 50 people gathered for the morning devotion at 3:00 am. The devotion consisted of True Father’s exercises, Heaven and earth breathing exercises, meditation and 40 full bows. HJN wanted everyone to experience the exercises so he even called the crew operating the lights and the sounds to join in. Participants learned about the proper breathing and meditation which are keys to live longer and gain more control over the body. Rev. Eric Niduasa, the head of research for the church testified on his experience in the early days of the church. He became a member in 1978 and started to pioneer centers around the country leaving his wife who was one month pregnant. Students were so inspired to hear the Principle that they would flood the centers and hangout outside. While traveling, the Philippine Constabulary in the days of martial law arrested them suspecting that they were mercenaries. This was a misunderstanding: He had said they were “missionaries,” but the Constabulary officers misheard it for “mercenaries.”

Mrs. Shirley Vergara, the Co-Vice President of the church and witnessing director, met the church also in 1979 while she was in her thrid year of college. She had been always inspired listening to HJN while watching him in the tworivers website; it strengthened her body and spirit. She had always attended True Family whenever they visit the country and really rejoices at the thought of her living in the age when True Parents are alive.

After the testimonies, they read the chapter on “What is True Love” in True Father’s autobiography.

Meeting with Members

It was a sunny Wednesday and as early as 6 am, members had gathered to hear HJN speak in the final stop of his visit to Asian countries. “We are very blessed today!” UC National President Rolando Basuil Jr. declared to more than a thousand members packed in the function rooms and grounds of the national headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines. Some couldn’t even enter the gates anymore. Everyone was excited to hear HJN who they had heard chose to stay in the church headquarters rather than in a fancy hotel.

The heavenly voices of second generation Sun Hwa International Academy students silenced everyone as they listened to the song “I Am But a Small Voice” even when the sound of their voices could be faintly heard outside the hall. People seemed to be in silent prayer.

Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, the Secretary-General of UPF Asia, introduced HJN and publicly revealed information that, to many of us, were new and inspiring. He reported that HJN made a condition to spend a week without sleeping. Furthermore, he bowed 12,000 times for the success of True Parents speaking tour in September of 2006 aside from the recent 21,000 bows. Dr. Lek expressed how HJN had been visiting families in order share each other’s heart and learn from them, his “brothers and sisters” in faith.

HJN’s speech was very sincere and personal. He shared his development of faith starting with the struggle he had with the death of his brilliant brother Young Jin Nim. He shared his struggle with existential questions and that he asked a Jesuit priest why he believed in God but was not satisfied with his answers. He explained about the levels of filial piety in Confucianism, the highest of which is to glorify one’s parents. How was it possible that Unificationism could be above the teachings of the great world religions when he could not see how different it was from Christianity’s agape love, for instance? He shared one of his most significant realizations thus far: seeing his Father in a dream being tortured and descending into hell throwing his spirit to the demons for the sake of humanity’s salvation. He was shocked by this dream and saw True Parents in a different light thereafter, not just as his father but as the Messiah for humankind who will die over and over for us. After this realization he was remorseful and wrote a letter of repentance to True Parents. In the dream, he saw True Father’s face shine bright like 10,000 suns. He lamented that he had not known what Father had to undergo to fulfill his mission. He finally saw True Parents in their messianic roles. It is because of them that we are forgiven; it is because of them that we can live in God’s Kingdom.

Next, he asked: What is the Divine Principle in one sentence? It is: “Inherit the true love of God.” Finally, he taught the members how to pray. He shared his experience about a turbulent airplane flight he rode in which people were all praying like in a spiritual revival. At first he started to pray to God to save them. But he switched his prayer to praising God who is almighty, the God who can move heaven and earth. “But Heavenly Father,” he asks God, “what is this rain cloud doing here?” The audience burst to laughter. He said that in praying, it doesn’t matter how poetic is the language used or the how long it takes, what matters is having the right heart. He taught a guideline to ordering a prayer, that is, to start with God then the cosmos, world, nation, society, tribe, family, and then one can pray for oneself.

Do you feel the Holy Spirit here today?” HJN asked. “ Yes!” everyone agreed. It seemed like a dream to many but it has happened already, a historic and unprecedented visit by the heir to True Parents foundation has come and has expressed his sincere desire to spend time with Filipino blessed families and a share a message to inherit the true love of God. After the program, each family and person got to take a picture with the HJN’s couple. More than 200 families and groups were lined up for the photo session. This was Hyung Jin Nim’s third public address to members on his World Tour (first in Nepal, second in Thailand). It lasted about 1.5 hours and was by far the sermon that seemed to connect all the dots. While addressing the difficult issues he and we all struggle with, he did so with the power of simple logic rooted in the heart of love for God and his Parents. At times, it was as if heaven opened and we were brought into a new and higher understanding of what it means to be a filial child. For this reason, the entire sermon is paraphrased and included in the report to True Parents (attached separately). That file is not a literal transcription; it is reproduced from notes taken during the service.

Visit to San Agustin Church and China Town

In the afternoon of August 4, HJN’s couple and their entourage had a tour at the San Agustin Church. San Agustin Church is a Roman Catholic Church under the auspices of The Order of St. Augustine, located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila. Completed by 1607, it is the oldest church still standing in the Philippines.

As HJN toured the vicinity of the church, he spoke about how the cross has become a symbol of the pain and agony of God and Christ for more than two thousand years.

After leaving the San Agustin Church, they had a short side trip at the China Town. HJN walked along the streets of China Town in search for a Chinese tea which he has been looking for in a long time.

Home Visitation

In Bangkok while HJN and YAN were preparing to go to the Philippines, they picked the name of the family through a lottery to decide who will get the honor of his and YAN’s visiting their home. As soon as they left China Town, HJN’s couple and their entourage went straight to the home of Tiburcio and Hatsue Alberio. Mr. Alberio is the Manager of Il Hwa Philippines and his Japanese wife and three children happily welcomed the members of the true family. They served them the Filipino delicacy palabok which is made from rice flour noodles topped with crab sauce, eggs, shrimps, squid, garlic and more. In the course of their conversation, HJN advised the Alberio’s couple to devote one day a week for each of their children.

Each day should be different and it should be a day to point out to each of the children their good points and to give them rewards or blessings. According to HJN, these dates should be kept in a journal which should be given to the children in the day of their blessing. When the family keeps this tradition, they are not only educating the children but also their grandchildren. Before HJN and YAN left, HJN wrote a special calligraphy for the family which reads Sincerity, Love, Heavenly Fortune (in English).

August 5

Early Morning Devotion and Hoon Dok Hae

A new batch of 50 participants joined the early morning devotion. Members reacted positively about suggestions to improve the unity of mind and body. They found meditation to be challenging, both physically and spiritually, and felt the importance of strengthening their mind.

In HDH at 5:00 AM, Mr. Lito Gualdajara shared a victorious experience when he organized an event to welcome Kook Jin Nim in Camp Aguinaldo. He thought everything was going to go smoothly but nearing the start of the program, no one was in the audience except a few people one can be counted with the fingers on one hand. He was panicking but Kook Jin Nim comforted him saying it was okay even if only a few people were there to listen. Eventually, Gen. Cayton (who was present at HDH and the commander of the camp at that time), ordered everyone in the camp to attend the program. When Kook Jin came out from backstage, more than 200 people were seated.

Mrs. Angeles Lorenzana, the principal of Sun Hwa International School, testified to the sacrifices her husband made when he left the university to devote time to serve the

church. In the university where she teaches English, she was accused of teaching religion when all she did was to teach the children language through prayers. She was able to join the Blessing in 1992 and was happy that her son, who was moved by HJN’s book A Bald Head and A Strawberry, attended the 120 day workshop.

Hoon Dok Hae followed with a reading of True Father’s autobiography on the importance of marriage.

Thirty minutes later, before leaving for breakfast at Jose de Venecia’s residence, HJN wrote a calligraphy composed of the Unification symbol, which means the hope of God and humanity and Chinese characters which mean “let us follow true love”. He explained that after visiting the St. Augustine church the day before, he felt Jesus’ pain after seeing him on the cross. In contrast, the Unification symbol should give hope and joy to God and us.

Before leaving, he announced that he wants to come again to the country soon.

Breakfast with the de Venecias

At around 8:00 AM, the delegation arrived at the residence of Jose de Venecia at Forbes Park, Makati City. Speaker de Venecia has been a very good friend of the church and even met True Parents intimately in Korea. HJN was served vegetarian pasta which he loved very much. Mrs. de Venecia admired HJN’s pure character. She said that she is HJN’s aunt in the Philippines and that every time he comes to the Philippines, he should always visit the de Venecias. The meeting was attended by 16 people on the church side including the UPF officials, national leaders and security.

After breakfast at around 9:30 the delegation proceeded to the airport to send off HJN’s couple and their staff. Local leaders had arranged the VIP lounge for HJN to stay while waiting for their departure. The local leaders presented a brief summary photo report of the whole event and sent goodbyes to HJN’s couple and the international delegation.