Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

 Table of Contents

Part 1: Father Speaks of His Early Years

Part 2: Childhood

Part 3: Starting Out on the Road of God's Will

Part 4: Student Days in Seoul

Part 5: Student Days at Waseda Technical High School April 1941-September 1943

Part 6: First Months Back in Korea - September 30, 1943 - May 4, 1944

Part 7: Endurance and Forgiveness - February 1944 - August 1945

Part 8: Korea's Spiritual War

Part 9: Liberation and Aftermath

Part 10 - The Shaking Foundation of Christian Support

Part 11: The Difficulty of Undoing the Reversal of Dominion

Part 12: Pyongyang Prison, Hungnam Labor Camp

Part 13: Living in Death's Shadow

Part 14: Step into Freedom an Cataclysmic War

Part 15: Leaving North Korea

Part 16: Refugee Life

Part 17: The Months Before The Founding Of Our Church -- Autumn 1953 -- Spring 1954

Part 18: A Global Mission's Humble Beginnings - May 1, 1954

Part 19: Collision with Korean Society - 1955

Part 20: A South Korean Prison Experience - July 4 - October 4, 1955

Part 21: Remaining True in Prison - July - October 1955

Part 22: Innocence Recognized

Part 23: The Effort invested to Expand the Church

Part 24: First Steps Toward The Global Level

Part 25: The Preparation of the Bride

Part 26: The Blessing of the True Bride and Groom

Part 27: 1960: A Momentous Year

Part 28: Ageless Truth -- in speeches from half a century ago

Part 29: Significant Beginnings

Part 30: Fast-paced Development

Part 31: Going Global

Part 32 -- From Korea the World

Part 33- A Time of Ideological Intensity

Part 34: The Business of Restoration in 1967

Part 35: Preparing to Take On Communism

Part 36: Fighting Evil, Promoting Goodness

Part 37 Organization and Outreach in Chaotic Times

Part 38 Maturity through Sacrifice

Part 39: Investing for Global Expansion

Taken from an English language book about True Father's life. The book was prepared (at some speed) from a collection of autobiographical excerpts from True Father's speeches over the years, which once collected were arranged chronologically. Some of the translations from the original Korean to the English used in the book my be incorrect. The book was not published generally but was prepared for the benefit of the True Children in their younger years.

True Love