True Parents Words from 1984

1984 Motto, January 1, 1984:

"Creation and Building of the Fatherland"

 Table of Contents

Letter To Hustler Magazine About Rev. Moon

Creation Of The Fatherland (1/1/84)

God's Day 1984 (1/1/84)

Rev. Moon Was One Of Us (Article with photos about Rev. Moon in Danburry Prison 1/4/84)

The Purpose Of Life, Coming And Going (1/8/84)

The Necessity For The Day Of Victory Of Love (1/15/84)

The Background of the Proclamation of The Day of Victory of Love (January 15, 1984)

Love Forever (1/22/84)

Who Goes The Way Of Indemnity? (1/29/84)

Textbook Of Love (2/5/84)

Let Us Go Over The Hill (2/7/84)

The History Of The Struggle Of Good And Evil And Oneself (3/11/84)

Parents' Day 1984 (4/1/84)

Generation Record Of The True Parents' Love (4/22/84)

Thirtieth Anniversary Of The Unification Church (5/1/84)

The Day Of The Love Of God (5/20/84)

Original Eden Centering On True Love (5/27/84)

Day Of All Things 1984 (5/31/84)

The Heavenly Possession (6/3/84)

Testimony of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Hearing on Religious Freedom (6/26/84)

Testimony of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Religious Liberty (6/26/84)

True Way Of Life (7/1/84)

Original Way Of God's Will (7/8/84)

Talk To Seminary Candidates (7/12/84)

Unification Theological Seminary and the Leadership of the Church (7/12/84)

Farewell Speech (7/20/84)

The Fourth International Conference On God: The Contemporary Discussion (8/11/84)

Pinnacle Of The Heavenly Universe (12/1/84)


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