True Parents Words from 1987

1987 Motto, January 1, 1987:

"The Unification of the Fatherland"

 Table of Contents

God's Day (1/1/87)

Unification Of The Fatherland (1/1/87)

Unification of the Fatherland Another Version (1/1/87)

Day Of The Victory Of Love (1/2/87)

Day of Victory of Love (1/2/87)

Our Posture On The New Year (1/4/87)

God's Providential Course And The Course Of Human Life (1/11/87)

Lifestyle Of Prayer (1/18/87)

I Shall Follow With Gratitude And Obedience (1/25/87)

God's And Our Decision (2/1/87)

When It Was Over, It Turned Out To Be Love (2/3/87)

A Life Of Attendance And The Heavenly Kingdom (2/15/87)

Liberation Of The Spirit World And Physical World And The Unification Of The World (2/22/87)

Unification Of The Cosmos And The Family Ideal (3/1/87)

Original Family And The Family Of Today (3/8/87)

The Model, And Those Who Are Recognized In Providential History (3/15/87)

Our Pride (3/22/87)

A Sacred Journey (3/27/87)

Parents' Day And Our Path (3/29/87)

Parents' Day And Our Path Another Version (3/29/87)

Leaders' Meeting (3/30/87)

The Stage Is Ready (3/30/87)

Let Us Go Over The Original Boundary (4/1/87)

The Will And I (4/1/87)

The Blessed Family Is Very Precious (4/5/87)

Harvest Time (6/21/87)

We Shall Live In The Original Homeland (7/1/87)

Fifth Anniversary Of The 8,000 Couples Blessing (7/5/87)

Precious Existence (7/19/87)

The Way Of The Victory Of God (8/20/87)

The Way Of The Victory Of God Another Version (8/20/87)

Original Homeland And The Realm Of Heart (8/23/87)

The Way To Grow (8/30/87)

The Way To Grow Another Version (8/30/87)

Children's Day And The Unification Of Our Fatherland (11/21/87)

Thank You For Protecting Us (11/22/87)


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