True Parents Words from 1995

1995 Motto, International Training Center, Korea, January 1, 1995:

"Let Us Inherit True Parents' Realm of Victory"

 Table of Contents

True Ancestor and True Nation (2/5/95)

True Ancestor And True Nation (Another version 2/5/95)

True Ancestor And True Nation (One more version 2/5/95)

February Leaders' Conference (2/7/95)

Perfection of the True Self and Safe Settlement of the Family (3/5/95)

Perfection Of The True Self And Safe Settlement Of The Family (another version 3/5/95)

The Sao Paulo Declaration (3/31/95)

New Hope Farm Declaration (4/3/95)

Declaration for the Blessed Family (4/7/95)

April Leaders' Meeting (4/11/95)

April Leaders' Meeting (Slightly different version 4/11/95)

April Leaders' Conference (4/17/95)

The Age Of Great Victory In The History Of God's Providence (4/23/95)

The True Family and I - South American Address Given in 16 Countries (6-7/95)

June Leaders' Meeting (6/9/95)

June Leaders' Meeting (Different version 6/9/95)

Strengthen the Power of your Conscience (6/25/95)

July Leaders' Meeting (7/8/95)

The Time of Youth (7/23/95)

The Time Of Youth (Another version 7/23/95)

The Time of Youth (Another version 7/23/95)

Religion and the Ideal World (8/21/95)

True Knowledge, True Family and World Peace (8/22/95)

Federation for World Peace (8/23/95)

True World Peace (8/22-24/95)

The True Family and I (9/95)

Where Is The Base For The True Ideal? (9/3/95)

Original Family And Blessed Family (10/1/95)

The True Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified World (10/3/95)

December Leaders' Conference (12/8/95)

December Leaders' Conference (12/8/95)

We Have To Restore The Original Seed (12/10/95)

God's Chest And Our Chest (12/31/95)


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