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The Way for Young People

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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Life Course of Man
   Section 1. Problems in Life
   Section 2. The Birth of Man
   Section 3. Life and Time
   Section 4. The Path of Human Life
Chapter 2 "I" and Way of a True Person
   Section 1. "I"
   Section 2. The Relationship between Mind and Body
   Section 3. The Way of a True Person
Chapter 3 Desirable Youth
  Section 1. Sung Hwa Youth
  Section 2. Youth and the Right Time
  Section 3. The Life of a Desirable Youth
Chapter 4 Exemplary Life
  Section 1. Rediscovering Life
  Section 2. Ethics, Morality, and Propriety
  Section 3. The Completed Testament Age and the Life of Attendance
  Section 4. Human Relationships with Words and Things
  Section 5. The Practices of an Exemplary Life

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