True Parents Words from 1992

1992 Motto, World Mission Center New York, January 1, 1992:

"The Unification of the New Nation"

 Table of Contents

God's Day and the Unification of the New Nation (1/1/92)

God's Day: Midnight Address (1/1/92)

God's Day: Morning Address Different Version (1/1/92)

Day Of Victory Of Love (1/2/92)

Day of Victory of Love Different Version (1/2/92)

God's True Love, Life And Lineage In Today's World (1/2/92)

Inherit the Victorious Foundation (1/2/92)

International Leaders' Conference (1/2/92)

International Leaders' Conference Different Version (1/2/92)

Our Portion Of Responsibility And The Subject World (1/5/92)

New Nation and New Family [Part 1] (January 12, 1992)

New Nation and New Family [Part 2] (January 12, 1992)

Responsibility of the Unification Family (3/1/92)

The Responsibility of Authority of the Unification Family (March 1, 1992 - different version)

The Joining Of Heaven, Earth And Man (3/15/92)

The Joining of Heaven, Earth and Man (in True Love Glory) (3/15/92)

Joining Together Heaven, Earth and Man (3/15/92)

Congratulatory Address to International Women's Federation for World Peace (4/10/92)

True Family Resurrection And World Liberation (4/19/92)

The Unification Theological Seminary (4/24/92)

Blessed Families and True Tradition (April 26, 1992)

38th HSA-UWC Association Establishment Anniversary (5/1/92)

God's Will and Our Church (5/1/92)

The 38th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HSA-UWC (5/1/92)

The 38th Anniversary Of The Unification Church (5/1/92)

The Responsibility Of Authority Of The Unification Family (5/1/92)

The Dream Of The Unification Church (5/3/92)

The Dream of the Unification Church Unofficial Notes (5/3/92)

A Decade of Service to God and America (5/21/92)

Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family (6/6/92)

Completion of the Dispensation of Salvation (6/7/92)

Liquidation Or The Completion Of The Dispensation Of Salvation (6/7/92)

The Complete Liquidation Of The Dispensation Of Restoration (6/7/92)

Unification Theological Seminary Sixteenth Commencement Address (6/28/92)

First Anniversary of the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing (7/1/92)

Absolute Values And The New World Order (8/20/92)

Absolute Values and the New World Order Slightly Different Version (8/20/92)

Original Restoration and My Rebirth (8/20/92)

5th Summit Council For World Peace - Founder's Address (8/22/92)

Founder's Address of the Fifth Summit Council for World Peace (8/22/92)

The Mission Of The Media In The 21st Century (8/22/92)

The Mission of the Media in the Twenty-First Century (8/22/92)

The Mission of the Media In the 21st Century (August 22, 1992)

Becoming the Leaders in Building A World of Peace (8/24/92)

Blessed Families And True Tradition (8/24/92)

Blessed Family And Truthful Tradition Unofficial Notes (8/24/92)

Leaders Building A World Of Peace (8/24/92)

Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family Different Speech - Duplicate Title (8/24/92)

Religion and the Creation of World Peace (8/24/92)

A God-centered Youth Culture (8/28/92)

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth (Part 1) (9/20/92)

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth (Part 2) (9/20/92)

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth (Part 3) (9/20/92)

Restoration From The Origin And Rebirth Are For Myself (9/20/92)

Vision for Fishing (9/21/92)

True Father's Guidance For American Leaders (10/11/92)

Strategies to Save the Nation (10/22/92)

The Principle of First Love (10/23/92)

The Three Family Kingships (10/23/92)

The Three Family Kingships Different Version (10/23/92)

Where Is This World Going? (10/27/92)

Where Is This World Going? Different Version (10/27/92)

Completion Of The Responsibilities Of True Parents (12/6/92)


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